All About Golf

Whether you love it or hate it trading platform , golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and since its origins in Scotland in the 15th century, has attracted millions of devotees.

What Is Golf?

Golf consists of using a variety of clubs, or sticks to propel a small white ball over a grass course and into a hole, in as few shots as possible. In that respect, the game hasn't changed much since the Scots used a stick to play on a crudely fashioned course in the sand dunes close to the coast. Over the centuries, the game has evolved and the various rules have been established, that cover not only the playing of the game and scoring, but the size of club and number of clubs allowed. In the UK, the Royal and Ancient golf club was founded in 1754 in St. Andrew's, Scotland, the place regarded as the game's birthplace. Today, close to a million people in the UK play golf regularly or occasionally.

When To Play Golf

Golf can be played just about Bitcoin any time of the year, and if you're a serious golfer, you probably think nothing of playing in the rain or snow. However, most golfers will tell you that the preferred playing conditions are a mild and sunny day, with perhaps a slight breeze just to make the game a little more challenging. Golfing packages to sunnier golf destinations, such as Portugal's Algarve, or Florida have become popular, allowing the game to be enjoyed in warm weather year round. shipping golf clubs and transporting them by air has become commonplace, and many airlines allow you to take them in addition to your regular luggage allowance. And if you want to ship your golf clubs ahead of time, to avoid travelling with them, various companies offer that option too.

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Why Play Golf?

It often seems as if the worse you are at the game, the more addictive it becomes, and part of the appeal of the sport is that feeling of hitting a great golf shot every so often. But golf has so many other things that are appealing and have made it so popular with millions of players of all abilities all over the world. Golf can be enjoyed at any age; it's a popular sport to take up for retirees, and it can be played alone or with a group of friends. It's a wonderful form of exercise and if you forego the golf cart when playing a round, you'll end up walking a few miles without even realizing it. Golf allows you to challenge yourself, and strive to beat your last score, or reach IOTA a particular goal; if you're a weekend golfer who doesn't take the game too seriously, breaking 100 may be one of your golfing goals. And golf is one of the very few sports where just about anyone can play on the same courses where the game's greats have played, including St. Andrew's, Royal Birkdale and Pebble Beach.